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    Here are some of the books I have translated over the years:

    Author, Title
    Romanian publishing house
    Joe HabrakenAbsolute Beginner’s Guide to Networking, 3rd edition, Pearson Education Inc., publishing as Que, 2001 All Publishing House, Bucharest 2002


    Ron WhiteHow computers work, 6th edition, Pearson Education Inc., © Que, 2001 All Publishing House, Bucharest 2002
    Paul McFedries - Creating a Web Page All Publishing House, Bucharest 2002
    Clayton Walnum - The Absolute Visual Basic .NET All Publishing House, Bucharest 2003
    Kris Jamsa - Visual Basic .NET Tips & Techniques All Publishing House, Bucharest 2003 - printing
    Neil Rackham - SPIN Selling Teora Publishing House, 2000
    Peter F. Drucker - Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Practice and Principles Teora Publishing House, 2000
    Richard Koch - The Financial Times Guide to Management and Finance: A Comprehensive Dictionary of Key Management and Financial Terms Teora Publishing House, 1999
    Richard PoeThe Wave 3 Way to Building Your Downline Amaltea Publishing House, 2001
    David RobinsonBusiness Etiquette Rentrop & Straton Publishing House, Bucharest 1999
    Terry BrooksThe Pentom Menace, © 1999 by LUCASFILM Ltd Amaltea Publishing House, Bucharest 2002


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