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    This page contains links to websites that I consider to be particularly interesting for translators. Visit them and your translating skills will certainly improve. These resources are classified in the following categories:

    Discussions groups
    Professional associations
    Professional web sites

    Discussions groups

    Name Short description
    Google discussion group focused on different translation-related problems, such as translation resources, terminology, etc.
    Payment Practices
    Group for discussing payment practices for 3,000 translation agencies and clients worldwide. The owner offers 2-day free trial access to Payment Practices. The subscription fee for one year of access to the Payment Practices database is just $19.99. Useful information, especially for translators starting their careers.
    TCR (Translation Client Review)
    Another discussions list focused on agencies' payment practices. The annual subscription fee is USD 12, and one month free trial is available for freelance translators (certain conditions apply).
    Yahoo! discussions group focused on open-source translation memories, other open source solutions helping the translators, etc.
    Technical Translators forum
    Yahoo! forum for technical translators.
    Yahoo! discussion group for translators specializing in the automotive field or with automotive a major field of activity. Unfortunately, this discussion list is practically inactive.

    The Financial Translators Forum is open to freelance and corporate translators specializing in financial, economic, legal and corporate texts, whatever their language pair. An active discussion list, generating 150 up to 400 messages per month. Useful especially for translators acting in the EN<>FR language pair.

    GlossPost is a list for translators, interpreters, terminologists and technical writers. Here you can post the URLs of any interesting glossaries or dictionaries found on the Internet, whether monolingual, bilingual or multilingual.


    Professional associations

    The International Federation of Translators is an international federation of both professional and non-professional translation and interpreting associations.
    ITI The Institute of Translation & Interpreting.
    The European Society for Translation Studies is an association stimulating research and new ideas in translation and interpreting.
    The International Permanent Conference of University Institutes of Translators and Interpreters aims to contribute to the development of research in translation and interpretation and related training.
    The Localization Industry Standards Association is the first professional organization dedicated to GILT industry (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translations).
    The American Translators Association is one of the most renowned professional organization for translators. Accreditation programs available for several languages.


    Freelance work
    Projects page on
    Projects page on
    ASAP Qa Localization
    ASAP Qa Localization has a database where you can register yourself if you're a freelance translator.
    A database with projects and profiles of freelance translators / translation agencies available on the website of the Trados' producer.
    This group is specifically for posting translation job offers and requests.
    Translation Job Opportunities
    Yahoo! discussion list dedicated specifically to posting (and receiving) translation job offers. Generates about 300-4000 messages/month.

    This list is also for posting (and receiving) translation job offers. A lower volume of messages, still a relevant one. Messages are often different from the ones on tr_jobs.

    Pletka's List
    A weekly mailing list with job offers for translators and interpreters in every language. The jobs are culled from nearly 100 major United States newspapers and many others from all over the world, as well as sci.lang.translation, sci.lang.translation.marketplace, Aquarius, Proz, Yahoo lists and hosts of other Internet sources. The cost of subscription for one year is $50.


    Professional websites

    Excellent website. I have the pleasure of being one of its paying members.
    One of the first professional websites. Major facelift in 2002.
    Website containing a database of translators, as well as a special section dedicated to open freelance projects.
    Relatively new website. I enjoy the database searching feature and their section dedicated to dictionaries.
    One of my favorite websites. Lots of information about translation agencies. where linguists and their clients meet
    Website dedicated mainly to software localization, containing a database with translator profiles, software links, abstracts of translation-related books and so on.
    Database with over 7,000 translator profiles. Search features include specializations, languages, location and other keywords.
    In the TransRef Directory (strongly related to Atril, the producer of Déjà Vu) one can find over 6,700 profiles of freelance translators and translation agencies.
    ASAP Qa Localization
    Database with translators specialized in software localization.
    InfoMarex InfoMarex's Panel of Translators, translator profiles for over 25 languages.
    ItesBPO Ads and profiles for different translation agencies and freelance translators.


    Different translation-related tools (other than CAT tools presented here)
    Global tools for the language community.
    The reference center for translations.
    Resourced for professional translators.
    Apple's FTP site
    Tools for software localization.
    IBM glossary
    Online glossary of IBM-specific terms
    Internationalization Gurus
    Site dedicated to the internationalization phenomenon. Interesting for casual surfing. The current page lists 20 CAT tools.
    Presents some of the most trendy CAT tools.
    Links to dictionaries, fonts, currency converters and other tools required a translator's activity.
    Buy CAT tools for lower prices!
    Links to dictionaries, translation machines and other web sites connected to the translation business.


    Other links

    Cecilia Falk's website
    Lots of links to glossaries and dictionaries classified into categories, with short explanatory notes. Other web sites containing useful information for translators are also included.
    Link section on ATA's web site, containing web sites useful for translators, mainly in the financial field.
    Links to libraries and information databases, dictionaries and glossaries, professional organizations, translations agencies, portals and specialized magazines.
    Logos website
    Link section on an excellent website. I find Logos very useful for my translation activity.
    Links to dictionaries and glossaries classified on several categories.
    Link section on the website of Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society (NOTIS). Lots of useful links.
    David Lee's page Links to software, CAT tools, discussion lists, dictionaries and other resources.
    This particular page contains keyboard shortcuts for Word users. Surf this website for lots of interesting information.



    Acronym Finder
    One of the best websites ever dedicated to acronyms.
    Dictionary of acronyms.
    Cisco's website
    Glossary of Internet terms and acronyms.



    146 useful links to online specialized dictionaries and glossaries.
    The online version of the famous Cambridge dictionaries. Information on the printed Cambridge dictionaries is also included.
    Cambridge Dictionaries Online
    English-French online dictionary of information and Internet-related terms.
    Bilingual electronic dictionaries
    Specialized bilingual dictionaries. This whole website is in my opinion a real treasure for translators and you should take your time when surfing on it.
    The online version of the military glossary of the Department of Defense.
    The online version of the Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia.
    The online version of the renown Britannica encyclopedia.
    IATE, the old EuroDicAutom
    Terminology database useful for translators working with European legislation...and more.
    Online glossary of computer-related terms. Very complete and useful.
    1000 dictionaries
    Free online dictionaries for English, Spanish, French, Latin, etc.
    Free dictionaries for localizing Microsoft products
    Some of the bilingual dictionaries containing the terminology used for localizing Microsoft products - OSs, Office applications, Visual Basic, Internet Explorer etc. It contained over 59 languages when this page was last updated. For more information regarding Microsoft terminology resources, please read this blog, information available in Romanian only
    Microsoft Language Portal
    Microsoft Language portal contains useful informations, such as the style guides used for different languages when localizing Microsoft products.
    Glossaries containing economy, financial, insurance terms.
    Index of specialized dictionaries. Search for specialized glossaries by source language, target language or field. Very useful.
    Different dictionaries and glossaries.
    The online version of the Merriam's dictionary.
    Novell dictionaries
    The glossaries used for localizing Novell products in several languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, etc.
    HTML version of OECD's terminology database. Useful for translators working in the official languages of the European Union.
    Dictionaries, glossaries and online encyclopedia
    A personal page indexing over 160 online dictionaries and 440 online glossaries, classified by categories.
    O'Reilly glossary
    Online glossary displaying results from O'Reilly knowledge base. Useful especially for translators working in IT field (i.e. programming languages).
    Online glossary of technical terms. The website also contains interesting ans useful information in computer field, links, news, etc.

    Dictionaries section on, one of my favorite translation-related websites.
    Excellent website containing links to dictionaries, glossaries, acronyms and language training courses for lots of languages.
    The official English-French dictionary used by Québec institutions. Contains Internet-related terms.


    Multilingual dictionaries

    Banking dictionary
    Small English-Frech-Spanish banking dictionary on a personal web site.
    International Telecommunication Union's terminology database.
    Enciclopedia Probert
    English-French/English-Spanish dictionary and lots of other interesting things.
    Terminology database useful for translators working on UN documents.
    Dictionaries available on the Washington University's website.


    Romanian dictionaries

    Cassiela website
    Links to Romanian dictionaries.
    The online version of the Explanatory dictionary of Romanian language
    The "official" glossary used for localizing into Romanian open source projects.
    English-Romanian online dictionary of mathematics.
    Everest dictionary
    A collection of free dictionaries by Daniel Vladutu. Includes general/specialized glossaries for English, Romanian, French, German, Bulgarian, etc.


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