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    Native translators

    All our translators are native speakers of their target language. Also, due to a well-established selection process (always including checking previous projects the translators have been involved in), we can identify the fields each translator is specialized in. All our translators are translating ONLY in their fields of expertise.


    We are a small company and probably that is why we put quality before anything else. For every project (translations, technical writing or desktop publishing) we apply severe quality standards. These standards usually include internal reviewing of the project (by another person than the one initially involved), consulting specialized glossaries / translation memories / dictionaries, etc.

    Our company is offering EN 15038-compliant TEP translations, edited and reviewed by at least another person than the translator, based on a specialized resources provided by end client or available internally.


    All the employees and/or freelance people we are working with have signed a Confidentiality Agreement by which they are bound not to divulge any information they might obtain during the translation / project management / technical writing projects they might be involved in.

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