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    A good Technical Writer is a rara avis in Romania. However, we have managed to be recognized as probably the best Romanian company offering services in this field through professionalism and quality of the projects realized so far:
    · The User Guides for all RAV AntiVirus products;
    · Several technical articles written for GeCAD Software;
    · Different help files (.chm or .hlp) included in RAV AntiVirus products;
    · Actual Magazin - The User Guide;
    · Frequently Asked Questions for RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers;
    · Release Notes;
    · Different articles for the Knowledge Base for RAV AntiVirus products;
    · White papers.

    All the employees and/or freelance people we are working with have signed a Confidentiality Agreement by which they are bound not to divulge any information they might obtain during the translation / project management / technical writing projects they might be involved in.

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